-BUFF & GLAZE is ideal for restoring lightly oxidized finishes in a single operation. This product contains mildly abrasive cleaning agents as well as some waxes which have the property of conditioning and sealing all types of paint.

-The cleaning wax can also be used as a pre-cleaning or as a wax. Its formulation contains
carnauba wax and cleaning agents for a perfect combination and applies exceptionally well to
new or used cars.

• Cleaning wax is an excellent product for users who desire a “CARNAUBA” finish.
• Can be applied by hand or with a polisher.
• Can treat up 4 medium size vehicles per 500 ML.
• Offers a minimum durability of 3 to 4 months.

Additional information

615-016 6 500 mL 4 kg
616-032 6 950 mL 7 kg
617-01 4 3,78 L 18 kg

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