POLY MAX 2 in 1 is a hybrid polymer sealant that restores and protects any type of surface. Easy to apply, this wax offers excellent resistance to salts, UV rays from the sun and oxidation.

One of the main advantages of polymers is durability which makes them an excellen paint sealer. Its protection lasts longer than all natural waxes and the shine obtained by the carnauba brings out all the depth and richness of dark paints to give a mirror effect.

This unique sealant can be placed in the sun or on a hot surface, the heat will catalyze wax to give you exceptional durability. POLY MAX is used by consumers, professionals and car enthusiasts all over the world.

• Can be applied to the vehicle even when exposed to direct sunlight.
• Can be applied by hand or with a polisher.
• Can handle 6 medium size vehicles per 500 ML.
• Offers a minimum durability of 6 to 8 months.

Additional information

636-008 12 250 mL 3 kg
636-016 6 500 mL 4 kg
637-032 6 950 mL 7 kg
637-01 4 3,78 L 16 kg

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