RV CARE KIT – Cleaning kit for RV and trailer




-Auto-Chem’s RV CARE maintenance kit has everything you need to clean your RV or trailer. It includes gel cleaner, cleaning glove, spray wax, rubber and vinyl protectant, citrus all purpose cleaner, applicator pad and microfiber cloth.

– RV WASH & WAX – Gel Soap 1.89 L

Highly concentrated gel cleaner with biodegradable carnauba wax and neutral pH, its foaming action removes stubborn dirt without damaging decals.

– RV EASY WAX – Waterless Wash and Wax 950 mL

EASY WAX is a waterless cleaner and polish designed for all types of smooth surfaces. Its natural polymer wax formulation prevents paint fading (UV protection). This product eliminates black streaks on the vehicle and easily removes insects from the windshield and bodywork.

– RV RUBBER & VINYL – All purpose rubber and vinyl protectant 950 mL

Its fortified silicone formulation provides NANO UV protection that improves the durability of materials while restoring a glossy finish to plastics and rubbers. This product can be used inside and outside the vehicle. It can be used on all types of rubber, plastic and vinyl such as rubber roofs, tires, door and window trim, bumpers, moldings, dashboards and vinyl seats.

– RV CITRUS CLEANER – Citrus All Purpose Degreaser 950 mL

CITRUS CLEANER is a highly concentrated, natural solvent-based degreaser with biodegradable components that are safe for the environment. This product easily removes insects and black streaks, grease, salt and stubborn stains.

– Ultra Foamy Wash Mitt
– PVA Chamois
– Foam applicator pad
– Bug Sponge
– Deluxe microfiber