-HEAT BUSTER is a unique polymer gel formulated to create a thermal barrier. Easy to apply to prevent damage caused by heat. Useful when there are repairs to be carried out in places at risk when temperatures gets very hot, such as welding.

-Heat Buster helps prevent damage to adjacent areas to the welds on damaged vehicle sections. It reduces and prevents heat distortion and prevents weld spatter from adhering to surfaces.

• Saves time, eliminating the cost of disassembling valves or gaskets.
• Reduces the danger of fire in places adjacent to welding such as wooden studs, drywall walls, insulation, glass and plastics.
• Viscous gel that effectively adhere to vertical or horizontal surfaces.
• Safe for the skin, non-toxic, non-corrosive and biodegradable.

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980-032 6 1 L 7 kg