BLACK COMPOUND is specially formulated to be used for several finishing applications; prevents swirl marks on dark colours. This hi-tech extra cut compound is designed for quick and efficient jobs and can be applied on all types of dark paints. Excellent to remove scratches and 1200 grit sand paper swirls. Safe for body shops.

This new generation of polishing liquid without friction specially was developed using a novel method of low VOC lubricant to suit various polishing applications by reducing heat surfaces that causes the areolas and whitish glare on dark paints. Thus, it produces a unique polished gloss finish on all polished surfaces without the use of water splashing and reducing cleaning time.

• Can be applied to vehicles even when exposed to direct sunlight.
• Removes holograms, swirls and abrasive marks from 1200
• Safe for body shops

Additional information

674-032 6 950 mL 18 kg

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