This car care kit contains what you need to clean your vehicle and restore it to is original shine. The 1138PC set is easy to use, economical, lightweight, convenient and safe. It includes a set of 10 products and 10 accessories.

• POLY MAX – Cleaner / Polymer Sealant 500 mL
POLY MAX 2 in 1 is highly effective and offers excellent resistance to salts, UV rays from the sun and oxidation.

• SCRATCH OFF – Scratch Remover 150g
SCRATCH OFF is designed to erase and polish scratches & marks on all types of paint. Removes friction marks and traces of rust.

• WASH & SHINE – Concentrated Car Wash & Wax 1 L
WASH & SHINE is a soap that gives in one operation a deep shine. It dislodge without difficulty contaminants and dirt road from the paint, while leaving a thin layer of carnauba wax which give a glossy finish without silicone.

• ECO WET SHINE – Plastic & Rubber H20 Wet Shine 500 mL
ECO WET SHINE gives a new look to vinyls and rubbers. Prevents drying out and crackle. Keeps its finish for several weeks. Chemical barrier that prevents dirt on treated surface.

• ECO WASH – Waterless Cleaner 500 mL
ECO WASH is the ecological solution for washing the car. It encapsulates dirt and dust for a scratch-free cleaning that provides a sparkling shine on all surfaces. Fast and easy to use.

• TRIM CARE – Plastic & Trim Restorer 300 gr
TRIM CARE is a regenerator treatment for dull plastics and faded trim formulated with UV shield for optimal protections against fading of treated surfaces.

• DETAIL – Rubber & Plastic Dressing 500 mL
DETAIL is a solvent-based renovator that treats and preserves for a shiny luster vinyl, rubber, leather, plastic etc.

• HI-PERFORMANCE – Acid Mag Cleaner 1 L
HI-PERFORMANCE is a excellent cleaner based on natural acid to quickly clean all types of wheels. Removes brake grease, dirt and dust from wheel covers and rims. Safe to use.

• VINYL FAB – Fabric, Vinyl & Leather Cleaner 500 mL
VINYL FAB is ideal for interior shampooing and surface cleaning vinyl or leather for new or used cars.

• LEATHER CARE – Interior Treatment 250 mL
LEATHER CARE is a lanolin-based conditioner that nourishes and protects leather. This interior treatment allows leather to be waterproof without preventing the materials from breathing for maximum protection.

• Ultra-foaming washing mitt
• PVA Chamois
• Foam applicator pad
• Microfiber applicator pad
• Luxury microfiber

• Insect sponge
• Scraper
• All-purpose brush
• Soft yellow brush
• Clay glove

• Bucket

Additional information

1138PC 1 Bucket 10 kg

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