Auto-Chem HD Rim Cleaner is a powerful acid-based formula. Use as a shock treatment to quickly and effectively remove brake dust from stock rims. Ultra fast cleaning without the need to scrub. Dissolves rust, grease, dirt and brake dust in less than a minute. Restores yellowed rims to their
original luster.

The rim cleaner contains a special blend of penetrating agents that dissolves dirt and contains a neutralizing substance that becomes active on contact with water when you rinse it off. Formulation reinforced with thixotropic agents that grip the vertical surface for better cleaning.

• Powerful concentrated formula
• Easy and quick cleaning, spray and rinse
• Dissolves rust and brake dust
• Shock treatment

Additional information

722-032 6 1 L 6 kg
723-01 4 3,78 L 18 kg
724-05 1 18,9 L 20 kg


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