ORANGE is a hand soap with orange scented pumice stone, made with non-toxic cleaning agents. Can be used with water. Contains NO SOLVENTS. Removes grease, ink, paint, fresh varnish, tar, rust, animal fat, fruit and vegetable stains, charcoal and many other dirt. Recommended for factories, transport industry, paper mills, machine shops, garages, printing houses and any place requiring good hand cleaning.

• EFFICIENCY: “ORANGE” penetrates the crevices of the skin, around and under the nails for a perfect cleaning. Can also be used
without water.
• PROTECTS: “ORANGE” is rich in lanolin which helps prevent skin dryness. Leave hands soft and supple.
• PLEASANT: “ORANGE” has a pleasant scent of natural orange, an attractive color and leaves a sweet feeling. Perfect for office
workers, factories and mechanics.
• ECONOMICAL: “ORANGE” costs less than waterless gel hand cleaner

Additional information

192-016 6 500 ml 4 kg
192-01 4 3,78 L 18 kg
192-05 1 18,9 L 20 kg