This car care bucket includes everything you need for a spring cleaning.

• POLY MAX – Cleaner & Polymer Sealant 250 mL
This revolutionary liquid polymer wax formula helps make your car shine like new. Abrasive-free formula that combines the durability of synthetic polymers, the shine of carnauba wax and the glide of PTFE to optimize the protection of your paint.

• SCRATCH OFF – Scratch Remover 150 g
Exclusive cream based formula with microscopic crystals. Apply by hand to remove scratches, scuffs and marks from all types of painted, varnished or metallic surfaces. Removes traces of friction or rust.

WASH & WAX – Concentrated Car Wash & Wax 500 mL
PH neutral soap formulated with carnauba wax that leaves a coat of wax after washing. Dissolves instantly in hot or cold water. Contains no aggressive surfactants, but removes contaminants and dirt without difficulty.

ECO WET SHINE – Plastic & Rubber H2O Wet Shine / 500 mL
Water-based gloss with silicone for a glossy finish on interior and exterior rubbers and vinyls. Economical product that respects VOC standards. Excellent on tires, door and window trims as well as bumper moldings. Ideal for dashboards, vinyl or leather seats. Protects against cracking and splitting.

Wash mitt
Made of high quality materials. Smooth texture suitable for even the most delicate finishes. Allows a complete cleaning of the vehicle.

PVA Chamy
Synthetic chamois. Dries quickly and absorbs a lot of water. Easy to wring out.

Applicator Pad
This foam applicator pad is ideal for interior and exterior finishing work. No more wasting wax! This applicator pad absorb for the product for a better application. Machine washable.

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