-Auto-Chem presents POLY GLAZE, a liquid wax with the most revolutionary polymers ever created to make your car shine. Abrasive-free formula that combines the durability of synthetic polymers, the shine of carnauba wax and the glide of PTFE to optimize the protection of your paint against the harmful effects of the environment such as soot, acid rain, UV rays, sap, bird droppings and road salt.

-One of the main advantages of polymers is their durability which makes them an excellent product for sealing paints. Its protection lasts longer than all natural waxes and the shine obtained by carnauba brings out all the depth and richness of dark paints to give a mirror effect.

-This unique wax can be placed in the sun or on a hot surface, the heat will catalyze the wax to give you exceptional durability. POLY GLAZE is used by consumers, professionals and car enthusiasts all over the world.

• Easy to apply and remove.
• Applicable on direct sunlight or on a hot surface.
• Provides a finish up to 10 months.
• Gives depth and shine to dark colors.
• Applicable by hand or with an orbital polisher.

Additional information

600-016 6 500 mL 4 kg
601-032 6 950 mL 7 kg

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