-The glass cleaner is a ready to use product, but can be diluted for lighter cleaning jobs. Powerful, fast acting formula removes traces of insects and residue. It penetrates the dirt film to provide windows with perfect transparency without leaving any traces of dirt or marks. This powerful formulation penetrates the mist within the car’s glass window effectively.

-The chemical lubricants release dirt with ease for a fast and professional cleaning. Excellent for removing film left behind from vinyl on new car windows.

• Concentrated, can be diluted.
• Excellent for removing spots, stains, greasy films and traces of insects.
• The glass cleaner contains lubricants and dries quickly for an easy application.
• Gives a glossy appearance.
• Economical if diluted.

Additional information

709-016 12 539 gr 8 kg
710-032 6 950 mL 7 kg
712-01 4 3,78 L 18 kg
713-05 1 18,9 L 20 kg

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