This Carnauba Cream Wax is easy-to-apply. It revives, restores, and protects all types of paint, even clear coats. Excellent for new and used cars. Specially formulated with natural 100% Carnauba wax. Highly resistant to heat, UV rays, and oxidation. The Carnauba wax proved over the years that it is one of the most durable and shiny on the market. For the amateur of beautiful cars who wants to use natural wax. Can be applied by hand or with a polisher for a superior shine.

• Can be applied to the vehicle even when exposed to direct sunlight.
• Can be applied by hand or with a polisher.
• Can handle 6 medium size vehicles per 500 mL.
• Offers a minimum durability of 6 months

Additional information

632-016 6 500 mL 4 kg
633-032 6 950 mL 8 kg

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