WET WAX is special formula based on hydrophobic agents and natural waxes keeps your vehicle clean and retains the shine. It revives and enhances the shine of the paint. This new generation high-performance concentrated cold wax has 3 functions: water-repellent effect, drying and shine.

For automatic or hand-operated car washes, it is used after washing, instantly breaking the film of water or foam, ensuring rinsing and quick drying. Silicone-free, safe for body shops. Does not leave a greasy film on the windows and the bodywork. Increases drying without stains on the paint and does not stain plastics and rubbers, safe for windows.

• Breaks water film instantly and leaves a remarkable shine.
• Preserves and renews the original luster.
• Concentrated formula, biodegradable ingredients.
• Ideal for automatic car washes.
• Easy to apply in 2 minutes.

Additional information

650-032 6 950 mL 7 kg
650-01 4 3,78 L 17 kg
650-05 1 18,9 L 18 kg