-The Auto-Chem Black Wax quickly restores and cleans oxidized finishes and micro scratches in a single operation on dark paints. Contains black paint pigments and carnauba wax covering scratches for a glossy, swirl free finish.

-Applied by hand or with a double action polisher, the black wax fills micro cavities caused by rock chips on the front bumper and hood.

-NOTE: For highly oxidized finishes, pre-clean with the appropriate Auto-Chem cleaners before
applying the Black Wax.

• Can be applied by hand or with DA polisher.
• Can treat 6 vehicles of average size per 500 ML.
• Offers a minimum durability of 2 to 3 months.
• Black Wax filles the micro cavities.
• Excellent on all dark colours such as: Black, Green, Blue, Burgundy and Dark Gray.

Additional information

630-016 6 500 mL 4 kg

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